Our Story

About the Alabama Chapter of Women Leading Government

ALWLG Mission Statement:
“To encourage women to pursue careers in local and state government and thru networking and education, help prepare women for success in the unique local government communities across our state.

Women Leading Government (WLG) is an initiative started in November 2006 by the Cal-ICMA Preparing the Next Generation committee. Organized by female managers of California’s cities, counties, and special districts, WLG is designed to assist female managers in their career development. WLG welcomes all people dedicated to public service and the development of women leaders.  

In 2011, WLG approved an affiliation agreement with ICMA to strengthen mutual efforts in support of women in the profession. This agreement outlines the ties and collaborative relationship between WLG and ICMA.

WLG’s goals are in alignment with ICMA’s and both organizations will seek even more opportunities to work together to foster professional management in local government. 

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